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Team Umizoomi Toys, DVDs and Gifts

team umizoomiLooking for the best Team Umizoomi Toys and Gifts for toddlers? Then you have come to the right place. Team Umizoomi fans would find everything they want right here.

Milli, Geo and Bot from the Team Umizoomi have been a favorite among many preschool children not only for their Math power but also because they always help their friends and save the day. Now kids can get their Team Umizoomi fun through these kids books, toys, DVDs and games. Is your kid a great fan of this powerful team and their crazy dance? Now they can learn more from this Nick Jr. Kids show and the fun toys that have come from them.


Team Umizoomi Plush Toys

Imagine having their own Milli, Geo or Bot to have all day? Now kids can have them with the Team Umizoomi Plush toys. These plush dolls are 9in tall and comfortable for kids as well. Kids can enjoy their own adventures of math, logic and more with their very own Team Umizoomi gang. Watch your kids create their own Math adventures with these adorable and cute plush toys.

 Fisher-Price Team Umizoomi 9-inch Milli PlushCheck Price Fisher-Price Team Umizoomi 9-inch Plush Toy – GeoCheck Price Fisher-Price Team Umizoomi 9-inch Plush Toy – BotCheck Price

Fun Team Umizoomi Toys

Team Umizoomi is a fun loving show that has caught the hearts of toddlers and preschoolers everywhere. With the sheer power of shapes, numbers and patterns, these tiny heroes go and save the day in fun adventures. Kids certainly learn their numbers and other mathematical concepts without even trying when they watch each Team Umizoomi episodes. Now the fun can continue as they play with these awesome toys as well.

 Fisher-Price Team Umizoomi: Come and Get Us Counting UmiCarCheck Price Fisher-Price Team Umizoomi Umi Shape Adventures BoardCheck Price Fisher-Price Team Umizoomi: UmiPhoneCheck Price Fisher-Price Team Umizoomi Umirrific Umi CarCheck Price Fisher-Price Team Umizoomi Vehicle – Bot ToyCheck Price Fisher Price Team UmiZoomi Geo & Umicopter NickelodeonCheck Price

Take a look at these interactive toys from Team Umizooni. These dolls come with 7 activation points that kids would love to hear from. Watch as Milli and Geo play cute alphabet and numbers games and activities. You can even learn shapes, colors and so much more while having fun with these 12 inch interactive dolls perfect for toddlers and preschoolers.

 Fisher-Price Team Umizoomi: Learning Adventure – MilliCheck Price Fisher-Price Team Umizoomi: Learning Adventure – GeoCheck Price

Now even enjoy a cute tree house right at Umicity! Take a look at this fun tree house set by Fisher Price featuring Milli. Enjoy cute adventures with numbers, shapes and colors right on this cute toy set.

 Fisher-Price Umizoomi: Umicity TreehouseCheck Price

Bath Time with Team Umizoomi

Make bath time more interesting with these cute Team Umizoomi bath toys. Now kids would never dread to enter the tub and can enjoy a fun time splashing around with Geo, Milli and Bot from Team Umizoomi!

 Fisher-Price Umizoomi: Geo, Bot and Seahorse Bath SquirtersCheck Price Fisher-Price Team Umizoomi Bathtime Shapes ToysCheck Price Fisher-Price Umizoomi: Milli, Bot and Squiddy Bath SquirtersCheck Price

Learn Math with Team Umizoomi

Parents and kids everywhere love the Team Umizoomi because of their subtle and interesting ways to introducing Math to toddlers. Kids learn their numbers and get introduced to the world of mathematical concepts like addition and more, just by watching Team Umizoomi on their adventures. Now they can be prepared to enjoy Mathematics from a very young age with these Math Kits by the Team Umizoomi. These are great Team Umizoomi gifts that would get them interested in the fun of Math even before they go to school. These math kits are certainly great for preschoolers and gives your kid a head start at kindergarten. Let’s make learning Math fun with Team Umizoomi!

 Team Umizoomi: Sorting, Classification & Reasoning Pre-K Math KitCheck Price Team Umizoomi: Numbers, Counting & Patterns Pre-K Math KitCheck Price Team Umizoomi: Shapes, Measurement & Positioning Pre-K Math Kit (Aquarium Fix-it)Check Price

Team Umizoomi on DVD and More

Don’t forget to have endless Team Umizoomi fun with these amazing episodes on DVD for them to enjoy whenever they would like to. And be sure to get instant access to Team Umizoomi episodes online too!

 Team UmizoomiCheck Price Team Umizoomi: Animal HeroesCheck Price Team Umizoomi: Journey to NumberlandCheck Price Team Umizoomi: UmigamesCheck Price

Kids Love Team Umizoomi Apparel and Nightwear

Team Umizoomi Apparel Great For Play and Sleep

Here are some cute Team Umizoomi attire sets that kids would enjoy while going out, at home, and even at bed time. Enjoy the fun colors of Team Umizoomi on some very comfortable clothes kids would love.

 Nick Jr. Team Umizoomi Boys GeoBuy Now Disney Team Umizoomi Girls Nick Jr. Team UmizoomiBuy Now Team Umizoomi Toddler Pink T-Shirt 7U7751Buy Now Team Umizoomi Milli Hello Umifriend Toddler Pajamas for girlsBuy Now Nick Jr. Team Umizoomi Milli Giraffe Little Girls T-ShirtBuy Now Team Umizoomi Toddler Girls Flannel Sleepwear SetBuy Now Team Umizoomi Toddler Purple T-Shirt 7U7750Buy Now Nickelodeon Little Girls’ Team Umizoomi 1 Piece JackethoodBuy Now Team Umizoomi Halftone Bursts Pink Toddler T-shirtBuy Now

Get Back to School with Team Umizoomi

Team Umizoomi backpacks for preschoolers and kindergarten kids

Kids who love this adorable Nickelodean show would love the idea of taking a Team Umizoomi backpack to school! Whether they are off to preschool, daycare or even kindergarten, these backpacks would be perfect for them to enjoy this school year. They would also be great for road trips and vacations that kids would enjoy with their family.

 Team Umizoomi BackpackBuy Now Team Umizoomi 16 inch Backpack – UmiFriendsBuy Now Team Umizoomi Backpack : TEAM UMIZOONI BACKPACKBuy Now Team Umizoomi Backpack and Lunch Bag ComboBuy Now

Team Umizoomi Furniture For the Home

Have the best Math Team Even on Kids Furniture now!

 A great addition to a kids bedroom and playroom, these furniture can make kids feel so special and comfortable even when they are playing. They even make a perfect addition to Grandma’s house! Kids would love their own set of Team Umizoomi furniture.

 Nickelodeon Bean Bag, Team UmizoomiCheck Price Nickelodeon Team Umizoomi Pink Flower Storage OttomanCheck Price Nickelodeon Team Umizoomi Geo Skateboarder Kids NightstandCheck Price Nickelodeon Team Umizoomi Geo Skateboarder Storage OttomanCheck Price Nickelodeon Team Umizoomi Geo Skateboarder Kids Bean BagCheck Price Nickelodeon Team Umizoomi Pink Flower Kids Bean BagCheck Price

Would Your Kid Love a Team Umizoomi Gift?

Kids Adore Team Umizoomi, Don’t They?

Team Umizoomi certainly has brought smiles to many kids everywhere. Has your child enjoyed this popular Nick Jr show? I sure hope you enjoyed these gift ideas with Team Umizoomi and find the best gifts for your preschooler and toddler who has Math powers and can learn numbers, shapes, colors, patterns and how to have fun learning.

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